Sunday, July 20, 2008

jurnal for my english

tomorrow i have to submit my journal..
jornal means my own diary..
i'm very lazy to do it..
why not if she just read from my blog and also both dayah..
easy la for me and them..
by english also not very good la.

quite difficult for me..
what to do, have to la.
so, tonight 4 journals for me
plus that nadia also..but not nadiah, the stupid virus..
i want to write more plus the post that gone last night.
because i want to write two more italian word that i learn yesterday..
sorry if my english is quite bad or make u all laugh at me..
with the sentences and language that i use..
if suzana i s here, of course i asked her to do my job..
sue, kak teha need u to do this journal
and also to clean up our room..
so, till then..
i'm goint to watch gangstarz..
my favourite group wat not there anymore..
i'm very proud of STEP
so, before i stop now..
i want to list all the event or anything happend
and write it as my journal

1. just 7 of us in my class, the other went to kagum at ulku bendul and we went to the carnivall, cinta sayang resort.happy because just few of us were in that class..

2. we had our vacation :kama and dayah arrange our vacation to genting highland theme park.., we had outdoor and indoor game, bus..i sit at the tyre.. very cool..first world hotel..eating marry brown breakfast set..lots of food, our gardenia roti with baked beans, sardin..nadia ate maggie, katy and saida left their key at their room..the salty cup corn. genting skyway and....

3. what happend after going to genting..? opened my asb..
divide all the money, make a list..going to gerko.. and...forgot lah

4. weekend four, nadiah virus.